Refresh Mind & Regain Health with Essential Life Tea

Here you will find the purest and best-tasting tea harvested organically.

Essential Life Tea

Our company holds an experience of more than 20 years in tea selling. Here you can find the premium quality tea grown and stored with care. A wide range of tea, including Green, Black, White, Herbal, and Pur-eh, is available with an exotic taste for all tea lovers. Choose the best tea that suits your taste and regain your health.

Tea Heaven


Basic to exotic, we have best picked and fresh tea. Get the tea you love sipping.


We sell premium quality tea grown organically and packaged professionally.


Along with variety and quality, we provide the finest teaware that enhances your tea experience.

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Tea Assortment

A delicious range of exotic tea including black, green, herbal, and spiced tea with ultimate natural benefits.

Do You Want to Know More?

You can book a tea party or tea tasting event and enjoy our handcrafted organic tea.

Why Our Tea Taste So Good?

When tea experts pick the ingredients by hand and process them organically, a perfect blend is developed. Our tea is first washed in your cups, which keeps them fresh and most beneficial.

Handpicked Tea

Never compromise with quality.


Organically grown to perfection.

Soothing Experience

A tea that gives peace of mind.

Packaged Freshly

Keep the freshness locked.

Deliver Happiness

Enjoy satisfaction in every sip.

What Every Tea Lover Wants?

1. Flavor

A mind-refreshing taste.

2. Freshness

Tea must be grown, picked and dried by an organic process.

3. Aroma

Tea quality can be assessed by smelling.

4. Relieving

Every sip must soothe the body and mind.

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